ODM App Development

Tuya has designed and developed an ODM development mode to provide diversified app product capabilities and meet different customization requirements.

The modular ODM development mode is dedicated for Tuya modular apps.

The ODM development process is as follows:

  • Developers develop various new modules based on the Tuya app architecture.

  • Developed modules are uploaded to a GitLab group that only developers and Tuya can access using a developer tool. Each developer can apply for a private group from Tuya.

  • Tuya’s and developers’ modules are integrated and packaged for commissioning, verification, testing, and release.


The Tuya app architecture provides the following capabilities to ODM developers for developing modules:

  • App startup: After an ODM app is started, components are initialized and loaded under the control of the module manager.
  • Homepage tab customization: Developers can sequence, add, delete, and modify homepage tabs. For example, developers can develop a module to replace a Tuya module or add a new tab.
  • New module development and integration: Developers can develop new modules, such as a login and registration module, and integrate them with the Tuya apps.
  • Tuya native service functions
    • Service management allows developers to use Tuya’s various services.
    • Route management allows developers to access Tuya’s native service pages through routes that Tuya provides.

In addition, Tuya provides a set of developer tools to help developers develop and integrate modules. For details, see Guide to Using Tuya iOS ODM Development Tool.

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