Guide to Using the Tuya Smart Platform Purchase Module

1 Online Ordering

1.1 Function Description

Brand owners and manufacturers can order required materials, such as hardware modules and licenses on the Tuya Smart platform’s Purchase module if they have completed product development and need small or large batches of modules for trial or mass production.
After Tuya’s business manager confirms their online orders, signs contracts offline, and receives a deposit, Tuya starts to produce the ordered hardware modules.

1.2 Benefits of Online Ordering

  • High efficiency
    To purchase modules in bulk, submit an application directly on the Tuya Smart platform. The platform will notify your Tuya business manager of your application, saving your communication time.
  • Accurate information
    To purchase a product, choose Purchase > Purchase module or Purchase license, and specify the purchase information. The Tuya Smart platform automatically obtains correct purchasing information (for example, the quantity, delivery address, and invoice) and production information (module and firmware information), preventing incorrect product delivery or firmware burning caused by manual recording or oral communication.
  • Traceable order status
    After you place an order, you can view the order status on the Order Management page and check the production progress.
  • Historical order query
    Tuya provides a snapshot of each order, which can be used to prevent duplicate ordering.

Note: Online purchase supports hardware modules and IPC SDK authorization codes. If you have any suggestions, tell your Tuya business manager. Tuya will continuously optimize the functions to meet your requirements.

1.3 Product Lifecycle

Online order types

  1. Product development phase:
  • Purchasing an R&D product

  • Purchasing a debugging module (available only for R&D personnel)

  1. Trial production phase:
  • Locking the firmware and module

  • Placing bulk orders (available for both R&D and purchasing personnel)

  • Purchasing value-added services

  1. Mass production phase:
  • Locking all

  • Placing bulk orders (available for both R&D and purchasing personnel)

  • Purchasing value-added services

  • Downloading product test data

Required operations

  • Passing the enterprise certification
  • Entering the product model number
  • Setting buyer permissions
  • Confirming development completion
  • Associating your account with the PID of the product to purchase

2 Ordering Procedure

  1. Visit

  2. Specify your account to log in to the Tuya Smart platform. Click Purchase and select Purchase module or Purchase license to order your required product modules or licenses. On the Purchase module tab page, you can purchase modules for trial or mass-produced products under your company name or your associated customer names.

3 Preparations

To facilitate ordering, the administrator needs to perform the following operations:

Step 1: Enter the model of each product.

Each Tuya product has a unique product ID (PID). You may order modules based on the product model. Product models can help prevent incorrect ordering. On the Product page, select a product to configure. On the left of the displayed page, click Edit Product Information.

Enter the internal product model. If products of the same model need to be delivered to multiple customers, enter the product model with a customer name to ensure correct ordering. After entering the information, click Save.

Step 2: Update the trial or mass production state of products.

On the Tuya Smart platform Purchase page, you can order product modules in trial or mass production state under your company name.

If a module to purchase is not listed on the Purchase module page, confirm with your engineers whether the product is in trial or mass production state. If the product is in trial or mass production state, change the product state as appropriate on the Product page as follows:

  1. On the Product page, select the product to purchase. On the displayed page, click Mass Production 5.

  1. Click Complete development in the Developing area.

In the displayed dialog box, click Complete development. The product state changes from development to trial production. To purchase the product in bulk, choose Purchase > Purchase module. Once the product state is changed to trial production, you cannot modify settings of the DPs, panel, module, and firmware. If you need to modify the settings, first change the product state to development.

Step 3: To allow a buyer to place an order, you can authorize other accounts as the buyer role.

1. 1. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the page and select Auth Manage

2. Click New authorization and enter the iot account that needs to be authorized.

3. Click Set Permissions and select the buyer. You can select the specific product that has open access to this account.

4. After the purchaser account is logged in, click the globe icon in the upper right corner and click on the space of the authorized buyer role to enter the procurement center to purchase the authorized product module.

Step 4: Set your brand owners’ (customers’) products to be visible under your account.

  • Scenario 1: Order products created under your company name. That is, the product IDs are under your account.

1. Place an order

If you select My products from Product Owner, you can order product modules in trial or mass production state under your company name.

Select My products from Product Owner, and then select a product to order based on the product ID or model.

Specify the number of the modules to purchase and click Add to order. Select another product module model, specify the quantity, and click Add to order.

After you have selected all required modules, click Submit.

Enter your PO No., batch No., model No., material model, and other required information.

If you require an invoice, enter the invoice title and click Submit the order.

2. A Tuya business manager will confirm the order price with you

A purchase intention order will be generated. A Tuya business manager will confirm the order details, and the Tuya project manager will confirm the software version information.
If the order information is incorrect, click Cancel order and replace an order.
To view the order status, click the account icon in the upper right corner and choose Order manage. In the order list, click details of the order.

After an intention order is generated, your Tuya business manager will receive a message and confirm the price, quantity, and module information with you.
After you place an order, your Tuya business manager will receive an SMS message or WeChat message about your order and immediately process it.

3. Download and sign a contract

After the Tuya business manager confirms the order price with you, download the product purchase contract from the order list and sign the contract with Tuya.

4. Pay for your order online or offline

Pay for your order all at once or pay the deposit first, either online or by offline bank transfer. If you use the offline payment method, pay for the Tuya account specified in the contract. Online banking and third-party payment platforms are supported.
If you require a special value-added service invoice, select online banking or offline bank transfer.
Note: You cannot use both online and offline modes to pay for an order. Use either an online or offline payment method.

5. Check product delivery and logistics information

On the details page of the order, view the order status, check the batch No., quantity, and logistics information, and download the product test data.

6. Require Tuya to issue an invoice. The order is completed

  • Scenario 2: Order products created under your customers’ accounts. That is, the product IDs are under your customers’ accounts.
    Inform your Tuya business manager or project manager of your order requirements and customer names.
    The Tuya project manager will associate the brands’ products with your company name in the background before the project is completed.
    The brands’ product modules will then be available for you on Purchase > Purchase module.

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