Tuya IOT Sub-account Function Optimization account authority management

Tuya IoT sub-account optimization and authorization management operation manual


1、The sub-account is upgraded to an independent account, which is convenient for enterprises to do authority management under different relationships. The product data belongs to the enterprise of the primary account. Enterprises can authorize different buyers to place orders for different product modules.

2、Add account authority management, including account authorization under the enterprise, cross-enterprise authorization and other temporary personnel authorization.Realize the synchronous management of platform operation, project member status and internal and external cooperation of customer enterprises.The distribution of authorization roles is diversified, among which the products can be distributed according to the PID, which is in line with the actual business scenarios.

The function of “sub-account” has been optimized recently. The following is the optimization of this function, please refer to the relevant service:

2、Operation Manual for Sub-account Function Optimization

Part1: General Introduction to Sub-account Function Optimization

1.1 . Sub-account management migration

1.2 . Sub-account migrates from xxxx.b.tuya.com to iot.tuya.com

1.3 . Operational guidelines for Sub-account migration

Part2. Definition of Sub-account management migrates

Sub-account optimization means that the previous sub-account authorization system has been replaced by authorization management.

Differences between the previous and the new:

2.1 The sub-account in authorization management initially needs to register in iot.tuya.com and has formal Tuya IoT website account.

2.2 All Tuya IoT accounts can authorize each other.

Part3. Operational guidelines for Sub-account migration

3.1 About Sub-account in Tuya IoT Platform

There is an alert in “Sub-account” when you log in iot.tuya.com, ‘we will no support sub-account function in the future’.


And sub-account data will be merged to the “Personal Center-Authorization Management” menu, and related notifications of sub-accounts binding to normal accounts will also be mentioned in “Authorization Management”


3.2 About Authorization Management in IoT platform

a. Previous sub-account data now can be managed in the authorization management, and the sub-account shows ‘sub-account ( unavailable) ’.

b. And here you can delete the sub-account and once the sub-account has been deleted, it can not fulfill the optimization.


3.3 Optimization Steps

a. When sub-account logs in b.tuya.com, and here shows a notification. You need to finish the following steps to fulfill the sub-account optimization.



If you already have Tuya IoT account, please click ‘There are Tuya accounts to bind’;

If not, click register and get an Tuya IoT account.



The Sub-account binds to the Tuya IoT account.


When sub-account finishes binding, and its primary Tuya IoT account will receive an application.



With the approval from the primary account, the sub-account then has finished binding, and can see its product data on Tuya IoT platform.


Otherwise, if the primary account refuses the application, sub-account turns back to Step1.

b. When primary account logs in iot.tuya.com, there will be an optimization application from sub-account on the authorization management page, and then need to finish the following steps:


Click “Go for approval” , check the information of sub-account then choose “approve or refuse”.

image image


If you have approved the application, the sub-account will be listed in the authorization management page

image image


Otherwise, if the primary account refuses the application, the sub-account doesn’t have changes and turns back to previous condition.

3、Operation Manual for Authorization Management Contents

1.New Function: Authorization Management on Tuya IoT Platform

1.1 Authorization Management Account List

1.2 Add New Authorization

1.3 Delete an Authorized Account

2.New Function: Space on Tuya IoT Platform

2.1 View Space

2.2 Switch Space

2.3 Space Top Display Arrangement


3.1 If I am not authorized, will there be a space?

3.2 Will an IoT account be able to have multiple spaces?

3.3 What kind of accounts are able to be authorized or authorize?

3.4 What kind of data in my IoT account can be authorized to other accounts?

1. New Function: Authorization Management on Tuya IoT Platform

Why there have to be an authorization management function?

If an account wants to have other accounts operate or check its PID or APP, the account owner needs to authorize the corresponding data and operation rights to other accounts.

What is authorization management?

Authorization management is to grant the viewing and operation rights of its own pid or APP to other accounts, so that multiple accounts can manage the data under their own accounts.

What are the authorization management applications?

If the brand wants a new product. He needs the solution provider to help him develop a product plan and purchasing agent to acquire the module from Tuya. For the products are already in circulation, he needs his own marketing operators and customer service to check the products on the market. In the authorization management, the ‘developer’ access can be authorized to the , the ‘buyers’ can be authorized to purchasing partners, the ‘data operation’ can be authorized to the market operation partners, and the “customer service” can be authorized to the customer service partners.

1.1 Authorization Management Account List

You can add a new account in the authorization management list, and view ‘my all authorized space’ (display my all authorization accounts by default)

Account types in the list:

Company account - the account for enterprises

Personal account - the account for personals account that has not been certified as enterprises.


1.2 Add New authorization

New authorization, to authorize corresponding operation of specific date to other accounts

Step 1: Click ‘new authorization’, input to-be-authorized account info.


Step2: Set permissions- to set required permissions, click ‘confirm’, new authorized account then is added.


Step3: Authorized account has a new space, the space is in the upper right corner on the initial page.


1.3 Delete Authorized Account

When the authorized account needs to be deleted, a confirmation prompt will be displayed. After deletion, the authorized data will disappear in the previous authorized account.


2. New Function: Space on Tuya IoT Platform

Why space is necessary?

When an account is authorized, the authorized account needs to view or operate the authorized data, and the data needs a space to be display. With the concept of space, it is well-organized from the perspective of data isolation and customer interaction.

What is space?(close connection between space and authorization system)

Space, a console of authorized data . One space corresponds to one authorizing account. When the primary account gives authorization to other accounts, its corresponding space is generated under the authorized account, and only authorized data and authorized operations can be seen in the space.

Example 1: If account A is authorized to account B, account C, and account B and account C will have a space named after account A.

Example 2: If account A and account B are authorized to account C, accounts C will have two spaces under the name of account A and account B.

2.1 View Space

All my space including my space,authorized space and more space

Entrance 1 :shortcut entrance on the top right corner

Step 1: Click on top right icon , it will show all your space, then click on the space you need.


Step 2: Click on “More Space” to check all my authorized space, as well as the data permissions and roles in the corresponding space.


Entrance 2:user center-authorization manage- my all authorized space

Have access to ‘My all authorized space’ through ‘Authorization Management’

image image

2.2 Switch Space

Entrance 1: switch space in the upper top right corner

There is a shortcut entrance in the top right corner, click the space name to enter the space, then you can view the authorized data and operate.

image image

Entrance 2:In ‘My all authorized space’,click ‘Enter’ in the action bar right to the corresponding space

Then you can enter into the corresponding space.


2.3 Space Top Display Arrangement

What is ‘Showed on top bar’?

At the top right corner of the IoT platform,click space label and then you can view the space list. In order to have a good effect of view, the platform limits the amount of space being showed, the maximum is 10. If more than 10 spaces,you need to click‘More Space’to view other spaces. It is convenience for customers to decide which space will show on the home page. When it is less than 10 spaces in the top right corner of the home page, and new added space will automatically show on the home page.

‘Showed on top bar’ Setting:

Step1:Set ‘Showed on top bar’

Before setting ‘Showed on top bar’ , the top right corner will not show the space name.


Step2:After setup successfully, space will be showed on the top right corner, the space operate button changes to ‘Cancel showed on top bar’


Step3: click ‘Cancel showed on top bar’, the space name will not be on the top right corner.


3. FAQs

3.1 If I am not authorized, will there be a space?

For an account that is not authorized, there is only one space, which is the default space - “My Space”. I can see all the data in my space and have all permissions (same as there is no space concept).

3.2 Will an account be able to own several spaces?

There can be several spaces, the default space is ‘My Space’, and the others spaces are authorized and their names are same to the authorizing account.

3.3 What kind of accounts are able to be authorized or authorize?

All IoT accounts are able to authorize their own data and operations to other accounts; In the meantime, all IOT accounts could be authorized.

3.4 What data in my account can be authorized to other accounts?

All the products under your own space can be authorized to others, but the data of the authorized space does not support re-authorization.

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