Tuya Development board production test instructions

Tuya Development board production test instructions

Production test preparation

Need to have 1 router named “tuya_mdev_test”

1. wifi function test

1.1 Wait for the wifi distribution indicator to light up (long light or fast flash or slow flash)

Figure 1. Distribution network indicator and button 2

1.2 Long press button 2 for 3 seconds, then RGB-LED will display red/green/blue/white in turn, enter wifi function test; After 3-5 seconds, wifi function test is completed. RGB-LED display wifi function test result is as follows:

Indicator color result
green normal
red The router named “tuya_mdev_test” does not exist/The wifi module is too far from the router/wifi module has a problem
blue Wifi module is not authorized
off MCU failed to communicate with wifi

If the RGB-LED indicator shows “green”, go to the next step.

2. Button 1 test

Short press button 1, RGB-LED displays white Short press button 1 again, RGB-LED off

Figure 2. Button 1

Congratulations! Development board production test is completed!