Introduction to WiFi Module--TYWE2S

WiFi module introduction–TYWE2S

1. Product Overview

TYWE2S is a low power consumption module with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity solution designed by HangZhou Tuya Technology Corporation. The Wi-Fi Module consist a highly integrated wireless radio chip ESP8266EX and extra flash which has been programed with Wi-Fi network protocol and plenty of software examples.TYWE1S also has an 32-bit CPU, 1M byte flash, 50k SRAM and various peripheral resources.

TYWE2S is a RTOS platform, embedded with all the Wi-Fi MAC and TCP/IP protocol function examples, users can customize their Wi-Fi product by using these software examples.

Figure shows the block diagram of the TYWE2S.


1.1 Features

  • Integrated low power consumption 32-bit CPU, also known as application processor Basic frequency can support both 80MHz and 160MHz Supply voltage range: 3V to 3.6V Peripherals: 5×GPIOs, 1×UART , 1×ADC Wi-Fi connectivity:
  • 802.11 b/g/n Channel 1 to 14 @ 2.4GHz Support WPA/WPA2 +20dBm output power in 802.11b mode Support STA/AP/STA+AP operation mode Support Smart Link function for both Android and iOS devices Standby power consumption is less than 0.1 mW (DTIM3) On-board PCB antenna, or IPEX connector for external antenna CE, FCC certified Operating temperature range: -20℃ to 85℃

1.2 Main Application Fields

  • Intelligent Building Intelligent home, Intelligent household applications Health care Industrial wireless control Baby monitor Webcam Intelligent bus

2. Dimensions and Footprint

2.1 Dimensions

TYWE2S has 2 columns of Pins (2* 9).The distance between each Pin is 2mm. Size of TYWE1S: 3 mm(W)* 15mm(L) * 17.3mm(H)


2.2 Pin Definition

Pin Number Symbol IO type Function
1 3V3 P Module Power Pin(3.3V)
2 05 I/O GPIO_05
3 GND P Power Reference Ground
4 04 I/O GPIO_04
6 13 I/O GPIO_13
8 AD AI ADC port, 10-bit precision SAR ADC
9 12 I/O GPIO_12
10 RST I/O Hardware reset pin (low level effective, internal pull-up resistance)
11 14 I/O GPIO_14

Instructions:P indicates the power pin,I/O means input and output pins,AI represents the analog input pin. RST is just a module hardware reset pin, can’t clear WiFi distribution network. (1):This pin can only be used as an ADC port, can not be used as a normol IO port,need to be suspended when not in use. When used ad an ADC input,input voltage range is limited to 0~1.0V. (2):UARTO is the user serial port,when the module is powered om, serial port has information output,user can ignore.

Pin Number Symbol IO type Function
- IO4 I/O GPIO_04
- IO13 I/O GPIO_13
- IO2 I/O UART0_TXD(Module information print port)
- RST I/O Reset pin
- IO5 I/O GPIO_05
- IO0 I/O IO0 participates in the module startup, when the module is suspended, the module enters the normal running state.

Instructions:I/O means input and output pins. I/O0 is left floating, the module is running normally, IO0 is low level, and the module is in firmware burning state. Test pin is not recommended.

3. PCB Packaging

3.1 Mechanical Dimensions





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