Tuya Smart Gateway Product Specification

Tuya Smart Gateway Product Specification

1、Product Introduction

1.1 Abstract

Tuya smart gateway TYGWZ-01 is a Zigebee gateway, which is the key device in Zigbee network. Zigbee devices join the network by using a Zigbee gateway, which to build the communication to the other Zigbee devices. The gateway needs to connect to a router by using a cable, which can realize the communication between Cloud and the APP. And by using APP, users can check and control Zigbee devices.

1.2 Application Flow Chart

1.3 System Block Diagram

2、Technical Data

2.1 Zigbee

Category Parameters
Chip EFR32MG1B232
Standard IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency 2.4~2.485GHz
Maximum Output Power 19dBm
Dynamic Output Power >35dB
Wide Open Transmission Distance >300m
Frequency Tolerance ±15ppm
Theoretical Transmission Speed 250kbps
Sensitivity of Reception Typical Value - 102dBm,PER<10%
Number of Channel 16
Code of Channel 11~26
Topology of Network Support to Shape of Star/Tree/Net
Antenna Default Antenna on PCB
Firmware Update Support to OTA

2.2 Main System

Category Parameters
Chip RTL8196E
Main Frequency 400MHz
Chip Framework MIPS
Operation System Linux 3.10
Flash 128Mbit
DDR 256Mbit
USB 1个USB Host/Device,1个USB PHY
UART 1个Debug,1个Data
GPIO 16个
WAN A 10/100M Ethernet Port(RJ45 Port)
Timer Two Hardware Timers,A Watch Dog
Indicator LED A Power Indicator LED,A Network Indicator LED
Button A Reset Button

2.3 Electrical Parameters

Category Parameters
Adaptor 110V~240V AC,5V/1A DC
Working Voltage 1.8V~3.3V
Operation Temperature -10-55℃
Operation Humidity 10%-90%RH(Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -20-60℃
Storage Humidity 5%-90%RH(Non-condensing)

2.4 Physical Characteristics

Category Parameters
Size 95mm x 95mm x 23mm

2.5 Product Appearance

3、Product Functions

3.1 Zigbee Gateway

Support to Zigbee 3.0 Protocol, Can Add Zigbee Sub Devices;

3.2 Button and Indicator

Device Power Off: Network Indicator and Network Distribution Indicator LED All off, invalid to press button;

Device in Operation:

  1. When the cable is connected, network indicator LED on; when data in transmission, network indicator LED flash; . When the cable is disconnected, network indicator LED off; . When the gateway is activated, network distribution indicator LED off; . When the gateway is not activated, network distribution indicator LED on;

Long Network Distribution Mode:

  1. Quick press the button (press time≤5s), device into long network distribution mode, network distribution indicator LED keep flashing for an hour, and flash interval is 500ms; . In long network distribution mode, quick press button again (press time≤5s), quit long network distribution mode, and the network distribution indicator LED off;

Engineering Mode: In regular working mode, press button over 10 times in 10 seconds, device into engineering mode.

Reset to Default: Press button over 5 seconds, network distribution LED keep on;

3.3 Firmware Upgrades

Support to Long-distance automatic upgrades and App selective upgrades.

3.4 Control Panel

Apply Gateway Panel Public Version;

3.5 APP

Support to Tuya common APP and OEM APP;

4、Product Package

4.1 Package Material

1.Gateway x1

2.Network Cable x1

3.Power Cable x1

4.Instruction Book x1

5.Certifaction of Qualification x1


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