OEM App Build Instruction

Last Updated on2020-02-28 09:32:03

Log in to the IoT platform

Log in Tuya IoT Platform ,enter into the login page, you could log in directly if you have an existing account; If there is no account, please register first and then log in.

Create App

Enter into 【Home】section, click App Service



Complete App information

  • App Name:It is recommended to input the length within 6 Chinese characters or 12 English letters as the App name which is displayed on the mobile phone desktop.

  • App package name:As the unique identifier of the App, it is not allowed to be duplicated. It is recommended that each segment is controlled within 3-20 letters and only lower case letters are supported.


App Configuration

Personalization configuration:

It determines the appearance of your App: including App icon, App startup page,App color theme.

  • App icon:It only supports png format, the size should be equal to 1024 * 1024px;


  • App startup page:After uploading the logo, the system will automatically generate a startup page for you. If you are not satisfied with it, you also can re-upload it;It only supports png format, you can choose to click once to upload(1242*2688px), or upload separately in a single size;


  • App color theme:Including setting the navigation font color at the bottom of the App, prompting background color, prompting font color, etc., preset 21 color schemes for quick selection, and support custom setting colors;


Please confirm the App Personalization custom effect after configuration. If you are not satisfied, click the Re-upload' button to modify


Note: If you want to quickly demo demo, after the above configuration is confirmed, you can continue to click Next. If the basic function configuration is not modified, the graffiti provides default configuration. After submitting Immediately build, refer to the sixth step of this manual. Can be tested first.

  • App Tab icon Settings: Tuya provides the default Tab icon. If you need to modify it, you can click Settings to replace it.


Note: You can upload 6 icons of your own design here, the size must be 108 * 108px, PNG format.The red box below shows: Default means icon is not selected, Activate means icon is selected;

The effect can be seen in real time in the mobile phone model on the right; the font color of the copy also supports customization;


  • Login and Registration page background image, Login and Registration page logo Tuya provides the default Tab icon, if you need to modify, you can click to set to replace;


  • Sign in/sign up background: Support format: png, image size: 1080 * 1920px (recommended replacement)

  • Sign in/sign up logo: Supported format: png, logo size: 400 * 400px


Function Configuration

Map positioning:Click Get SHA1 to get App related value, and check help, then you could configure the Map Key according to the operation guidance manual, and obtain the corresponding key and fill it into the box. (If you want to process for the App store, it is the mandatory item)


More Settings

At present, there are Multi-language settingsExpansion settingsThird-party supportMail Function Configurationin this section.

Multi-language settings: Multi-language setting can be configured for part of the App language.(If you want to modify, please contact the Tuya staff.)

Expansion settings :The right mobile phone model can preview the configuration effect in real time,, please select it according to your actual requirements.


  • Copyright information:You can add the copyright information of the App at the bottom of the “Me - Settings - About” page on the mobile side.

Please refer to the following picture for the App page displays, and take Official template A V3.12.1 as an example

  • About us:Please fill your website link in About us starting with https:// or http://

  • FAQ & Feedback:You can use Tuya's default FAQ or click to go to create your private library

  • Privacy Policy:You can choose whether it supports the Privacy Policy to your actual needs

  • User Agreement:You can choose whether it supports the User Agreement to your actual needs

  • Support Bluetooth:You can choose whether it supports Bluetooth device distribution network according to your actual needs.

  • Smart scenarios:You can choose whether it supports the smart scene function according to your actual needs.

  • Scan:You can choose whether it supports this function according to your actual needs.

  • Gesture password:You can configure whether to enable the App's gesture password function. If enabled, the user of the App can use the gesture password to lock/unlock the App to improve the security.

  • Dashboard weather:You can choose whether it supports this function according to your actual needs.

  • Simultaneous log ins on multiple devices:According to your actual needs, you can choose whether it supports multiple mobile phones login for the same account.

  • Upload an empty list page: You can configure the bottom picture when all the lists in the App are empty.

  • Default avatar: You can configure the default avatar of the personal center within the App.

Third-party support :(If you need to enable it, please check it first ,then refer to the help documentation for configuration.)

  • Third-party voice support:If your product is connected to a smart speaker, you could check the corresponding speaker skill here, and please fill in the skill name on the right side, after checking, it would have the corresponding button in the App-- personal center--more services. Then click the button to jump to the voice assistant accessing help page. If want to modify the content of the help page, please consult the Tuya staff.

Note: If your OEM App needs to use Alexa and Google Assistant, you need a separate OEM skill. In addition,Alexa has implemented an Alexa App-to-App account link,you can view the Service introduction or Subscribe the service if you need it.


  • Third-party login support :Domestic Support QQ and Wechat, abroad support Facebook, please select it according to your actual demand. Accessing the Facebook has the active the lower limitation. If it doesn’t reach the lowest bound, it would be canceled the authorization, also it would fail to use the third-party Facebook to sign on in the App. More detail rules please reference the Facebook document.


Mail Function Configuration :If you need to open, please buy first

Version List Page


modify App name

Support for modifying the App name. After modification, it needs to be rebuilt to take effect.

Configure certificates

If the application needs to be launched to the application market, you need to upload the relevant certificate here. To create the certificate, you need to register the developer account first. For details, click the help file. If the certificate is not uploaded, the App cannot be launched.

QR Code to Print

This QR code can be printed on the product outer packaging. The later version update of the App will not affect the normal use of the QR code.However,you must configure a download address to display the QR code,this link is available in the App market


Network Distribution

At present, the page can be selected for Standard category. The general distribution network logic of Tuya is used. The Standard category does not support the modification of the relevant pages and contents of the distribution network.

App page display please refers to the following picture, taking Official template A V3.12.1 as an example (click "+" devices )

  • If your actual category does not need so much, you can choose Custom category(Level 2 Catalog Mode) - Create a standard category, select some of the categories you need based on the public version, and select the public version which is not supported to modify the relevant page and content;

If your product has its own distribution method, you can choose Custom category - Create a custom category to configure, **each product supports the custom icon, name and corresponding distribution guide

Custom category operations are as follows

(1)Click Create a custom category, and the page jumps as follows. Here you need to create a custom product before you can select it in the drop-down box in Associated Products;

(2)If you have not created a custom product, please go back to the Product page, click on Create to create the product you need, and then go back to the App Create a custom category to select the product;


(3)Only the products with Custom category support the modification. As shown in the figure below, you can click the Modify button to modify the product icon and name.

(4)You can click the Distribution button to modify the distribution network related guide page;

(5)As shown in the figure below, there are two distribution modes: ez linkmode (ie fast distribution mode) and ap linkmode (ie compatibility mode); the relevant copy can be modified;


App page display please refers to the following picture, taking Official template A V3.12.1 as an example

(6)As shown in the figure below, you can click the SetUp button to modify the distribution mode page. The file is downloaded in HTML format and need to be modified by the editor. It can be modified according to the template. Please submit the modified HTML file to the Tuya staff for uploaded ;


App page display please refers to the following picture, taking Official template A V3.12.1 as an example

Note: Please remember to click the Release button after modifying this copy.

Configure protools

Tuya provides Reference document: Chinese,English,German,French,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Traditional Chinese, you can click to download the reference. If you need multi-language version, you can upload the modified document by clicking Upload file(doc) according to the English translation.(If you want to process for the App store, English must pass)

Attention:This Privacy Policy and User Agreement template is for your reference only and we make no representations or warranties regarding its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, suitability and consequences. Your company need to make a comprehensive judgment on the above reference documents and conduct legal and compliance risk control.

Upgrade Notification:

When your App releases a version update, you can configure the personality push to the customer App here, and whether the App is to be updated depending on the customer.

Convert to SDK:

OEM support to transfer SDK, Once the transfer is successful, it needs 7 * 24 hours to transfer back to the OEM from the SDK, please be careful

Build App

If the configuration items are confirmed with no problem, you can build your App by clicking the button Build now at the bottom of the page.Please note that the build button has restrictions. Each version can be built 10 times a day and 30 times a month. Please use it with caution.


After submitting the build application, the page status display is built. It takes 30-60 minutes to build the App, and the system automatically builds. The build result needs to be refreshed to check.


After the build is completed, you can scan the QR code of the page and download the App to test. The QR code is only for testing the App of this version. Please do not paste this QR code on the product packaging or distribute it to customers;


5.4 If there is no result returned after the timeout, you can contact the Tuya staff for consultation, and the construction may fail due to incorrect configuration ;If you encounter any problems during the configuration process, you can contact the Tuya customer service staff for help at any time through the page question entry


Purchase App

If there is no problem with your App when testing, then you need to launch the App to the application market. If your App has not been paid, you will not be able to launch it ,please click the button Buy now to complete the payment according to the page prompt;


Complete the purchase of App:

  • Select App:here you can choose which App to pay for;

  • Payment info:if your OEM App has been paid offline, please contact the business to apply for a coupon to purchase the OEM App ,and you can choose a coupon payment here;

  • Invoice:you can choose according to your actual needs; if you need the invoice, please provide the billing information to your business after the service is completed.;


You can pay with PayPal. 25.png

After completing the payment,you can see the order information of all OEM App,click View App to return to the workbench to continue configuring your App. 26.png

Go back to Workbench version management page of the App, click the version number to enter the App configuration page and continue to complete the configuration.


Launch App

The Service Purchased on the Value-added Services Market before Launching

If there is no problem with the App test, you can click I Want to Launch the App.

If you have already purchased the service, you will be prompted to enable the service,clickOk


At this point, you only need to wait for the staff of Tuya to contact you to provide the service. The following steps can be ignored, all of which can be configured by the staff of Tuya


Self-service Launch

(1)After clicking "I want to launch the App", click Self-service launch ,and then you can complete relevant operation according to the relevant operation manual by yourself.


(2)The system will automatically check the required items. When the App is not configured completely, the page will prompt you to configure .You can click the Configure button to complete it one by one.If you have any questions, please refer to the page help operation manual.


(3)Any configuration item needs to be rebuilt as long as it is modified. After the configuration is complete, click Configuration completed and rebuild. Because the number of builds is limited, it is recommended to apply the build once after the configuration is completed.


(4)After build successfully, please uninstall the previously installed App and re-download to confirm whether the push function of Android and the map function are effective (iOS will take effect after passing the Apple review). If there is no problem, please click I want to launch the App→ Self-service launch → configuration completed;

(5)Please confirm the App configuration item before launching. Once the App is launched,you cannot modify configurations of the current App version,please confirm and then click Ok36.png

(6)App file package can be downloaded by yourself. The specific application market can refer to the guidance. Since the iOS review is very strict, please read the operation manual carefully and launch your application according to the specifications . If you encounter any problems during the above process, you can submit your question at the current page . After approving the market review, please click Launched button on the bottom of the page to complete it;


Purchase Service

(1)After clicking I want to launch the App,click Purchase


(2)Complete the purchase of App launching

  • Select App: here you can choose which App to purchase for launching;

  • application service: Tuya offers three different application service of launching, you can choose according to your actual business needs;

  • Download Template : please click here to download the form. The information in the form is the required information on the application market. Please fill in the information carefully. The staff of Tuya provide launch service according to the information you provided;

  • Upload the completed template: upload your completed form here;

  • Contact: please fill in your phone number;

  • Email: Please fill in your email address;

  • Payment info: if your App has been paid offline, please contact the business to apply for a coupon to launch and you can use it to pay here;

  • Invoice: you can choose according to your actual needs; if you need the invoice, please provide the billing information to your business after the service is completed.


(3)Due to the review of iOS is very strict, you need to provide an App operation demo video before submitting the review

  • Send samples: you can send samples to Tuya for making operation video, please do not send the devices that is easy to be rejected by Apple,for example,bulbs, lights and plug ;

  • No need to send any sample: you can also make operation video by yourself according to the example provided by Tuya.


At this point, you only need to wait for the staff of Tuya to contact you to provide the service. The following steps can be ignored, all of which can be configure