Register process of FCM

Last Updated on2020-03-24 12:05:41

1、Open Google firebase, register and login following the reminder :

2、Click Add project

3、Fill in your App name and then click Continue

4、Click Not right now and then Create project

5、Click Continue

6、Choose Add Firebase to your Android App

7、Fill in the name of application package in Tuya development platform. You will finish the register of FCM after clicking Register App

8、Click Next

9、Click Continue to console

10、Click ⚙ -> Project settings

11、Choose General,clickgoogle—services.json, then file will be downloaded automatically, upload onto Tuya IoT Platform by yourself.

12、Choose Cloud Messaging, then copy and share the content of Server Key and Sender ID to upload onto Tuya IoT Platform by yourself.

13、Now,please log in to the Tuya developer platform, click to enter your App, select Configure certificates

Don’t forget to click Save when the upload has completed successfully!

Congratulations! Now, Google push FCM registration is complete