Google Play Version Update

Last Updated on2020-03-25 03:44:57

1.Log in Google Play Console, select the App that needs to be updated, press to go to the next page


2.If the content of an active App needs to be modified or updated, you can select Store presence➡Store listing to change the pictures or the text, and press to save


3.For App update, please log in to the Tuya platform to get the updated application package(please select the Applied For Google Play package). select Release management➡App releases ➡ EDIT RELEASE to go to the next page


4.Press BROWSE FILES and select the received App bundle to upload


5.When your App bundle is uploaded, enter a release name. You only need to add "+1"to the previous release name


6.Scroll down and enter the release notes in the highlighted textbox underWhat's new in this release? Press“REVIEW” in the bottom right corner to save and submit


7.Please review all the steps above, If there is no problem please pull down the page, Finally click on the bottom right corner of the START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION to release


8.If there is an error in the previous step, please select Store presence ➡ App content, then check whether the Target audience and content has been filled in. If not, please refer to App cotent to fill in the information, and then repeat the previous step