App SDK Instruction

Last Updated on2020-05-12 08:58:19



The Tuya App SDK mainly provides encapsulation of some functions to facilitate developers to access Tuya products more quickly. Developers can quickly realize the development of App functions based on the App SDK, and realize the distribution, control, OTA, timed tasks, smart scene and other operations of intelligent devices.

The SDK mainly includes:

  • Home SDK
  • Door Lock SDK
  • Sweep SDK

Biz Bundle


Biz Bundle refers to a type of SDK-based functional development-free page, which can achieve complete functions through simple calls.

The Biz Bundle mainly includes:

  • Device Control Biz Bundle
  • IPC Biz Bundle
  • Mall Biz Bundle


The IPC SDK, smart door lock SDK and sweeper SDK belong to the vertical category of SDK, which rely on the Home SDK. They mainly encapsulate the unique functions of the vertical category to facilitate the rapid development of the functions of the vertical category products.

The architecture design is as follows:

SDK 设计分层_en 1.jpg