Update Instruction for V3.15.0

Last Updated on2020-05-13 06:33:49

Add button to view Smart Camera device information in one screen in Topbar

If there are two or more Smart Camera devices in one home,Topbar will show the button for viewing Smart Camera device information in one screen. By adding this button in the Topbar, user can access the function in one click, improving using experience.

Show guidance when connecting Smart Cameradevices

When user adds a second Smart Camera device at home, this guidance will appear in home page. (It will only appear one time.)

Support camera configuration guide map can be customized

The QR code scanning and pairing supports the [Scan QR Code with Camera] page.

Support mark messages as read in Message Center

For alarm messages in Message Center, user can now mark multiple or all messages as read.

Support Panel-Entrance-Add/Delete Scene,Add/Delete Automation

APP-Device Panel-Top Right Corner-Tap to Run: - Add/Delete scene and automation - Execute automation with One-tap - Edit the name of the scene and automation
- Edit the content of the scene and automation
- The page will automatically refresh once the names of the scene and automation are saved

After creating the group of devices, user can change the device icon

Users can choose to select a picture or take a photo to change the device icon.

Optimizated the pairing process

New functions

  • Supported New user guide
  • Supported Device adding guide New user notice
  • Supported Details and video guide
  • Supported Device list – Pairing (Bluetooth) with One-tap and Turn on Bluetooth notification
  • Supported Device list – New products notice

Automatic location setting optimization

The city in automation condition is set based on the location of your home.

Optimize taking and uploading photos

The consumer end can edit device and group icon by taking a photo or selecting from album.

OEM App Support

Among the above functions, the OEM App supports or will soon support the configured functions: - Support camera configuration guide map can be customized - Optimizated the pairing process (Because some configuration functions iot platform are still under development, they will not be released simultaneously with the public version of the app. If necessary, please contact the dedicated account manager to open)