SoC development-free solution

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SoC development-free solution: Tuya Smart outputs dozens of development-free mature solutions for electricians and lighting products based on common functions and common equipment types of electrician lighting. You only need to click on the solution online. Information to send you the networking module. By connecting the received networking module to your product, you can realize the function parameters you configure online without any development steps.

The SoC solution is a low-cost, high-efficiency development method for you to quickly complete the intelligentization of equipment and realize the mass production of equipment.

Currently, SoC products support switches for electrical lighting, sockets, bulbs, and security sensors. If you have higher requirements for the development and configuration of the above categories of products, please choose the MCU development mode.

SoC development-free solution flow

Product Creation

Login to the developer platform

Please log in to the developer platform: [] ( If not, please register first. If you have already registered, please log in directly.

Product Creation

Enter the developer platform and find the "create product" entry. Please make clear your initial requirements for the product, and select your product category under the free development plan. If your product is a switch or socket, please choose an electrician; if your product is a bulb lamp, please choose lighting. Please confirm the networking mode and basic specifications of the product, and click the corresponding picture click box to start creating your product.

basic product info

Please enter the product name (required) according to the prompt box, the name can be self-selected;

** Format example: XXX (brand) + XXX (product) + XXX (module model) **

Enter the product model (optional) as information to distinguish your different products, we suggest you add;

** Format example: XXX (AE1123) **

Please further confirm the communication type of your product. By default, it is the development-free solution you chose when you created the product in the previous step. This will affect the module communication method sent to you at the end. Please confirm it.

Online Product Settings

Function definition interface

  1. Product setup progress

The top tap indicates the progress of your current product setup. Please follow the steps one by one to set up the product without development plan.

  1. Issue submission module

Any issues during development can be submitted through this area.

  1. Product Information View

Thumbnail: Product type created for you PID: It is the unique ID of the product and is one of the most important information of the product. It covers your information about product configuration, App, module, etc. It is recommended that you save this information, which is equivalent to the product's ID card. Edit product information: You can further add product information, you can edit product name, product model, product remarks, etc. After editing, please remember to save.

  1. View Product Features

Click to see the features of the product you created. At this step, Tuya Smart has defined the functional scheme for smart switches, smart sockets, and smart bulb products. You can confirm your product features. If you think that the product features do not meet your needs for the product, we recommend that you Define product creation without SoC solution.

If you can confirm that the above product information and product functions are correct, then click Next.

App interface

Select App interface template

All smart products need an App as a control terminal to control various functions of the product. In this step, please select the App interface that controls your product and enter the next step.

Confirm the App and product compatibility

Please download the "Tuya Smart" App or "Smart Life" App, use this App to scan the QR code of your product App interface, and you can experience the real effect of the App interface of your choice. If you are not satisfied, please go back to the previous step and choose again; if you are satisfied, please choose the next step. Scan code to download Tuya Smart App Scan code to download Smart Life App

Hardware debugging

Optional Module

You can view "Module Details" and "Replace Module" at this step. Select the corresponding module according to the evaluation kit in your hand.

Module firmware IO port configuration

The corresponding diagram of the module's IO port will be displayed here, please refer to the IO definition of the function board and the main control board in the sandwich development kit. Please carefully check the firmware configuration information, modify and save it according to actual needs. The IO configuration information of different products is different, including power statistics version, plug-in version, panel switch version, and bulb lamp version. Please fill in the information according to different versions.

#Need to be modified here for token binding instructions

Order modules online for product debugging. This module has recorded your specific information about product configuration above, which can be used for product commissioning after placing an order.

Expanded functions

After completing the basic set of product functions, you can also polish the details of the product. Here you can further manage multi-language management, firmware upgrades, distribution network information, scene linkage settings, and shortcut switch configuration.

Multilingual Management

Entry to show device language changes on the App

  1. Change language    Select the corresponding voice type displayed on the product panel of the App. App display: language type follows system language

  2. Change the product name    App display:

  3. Panel field language display field    App display:    Such as fields: switch, timing, countdown, etc. to any text    ! [] (

Firmware upgrade

The MCU upgrade and SoC solution for MCU docking do not need to be operated.

Distribution Network Information

The current custom product distribution network manual is only applicable to OEM App products. If you choose the Tuya public version of the App or your OEM App does not set the distribution network manual, the Tuya universal manual is used by default. Be sure to synchronize your last confirmed network configuration information to your copybook to avoid users not using the product.

Scene linkage settings

In the scene linkage setting, you can customize whether the function points support smart scene trigger conditions and perform tasks. Select the check box to support users to set corresponding functions in the smart scene of the App in the future.

Shortcut switch configuration

In the "Quick switch configuration", check "Switch", the product will not only display the key on the App home page but also display and control in the widget. App display:

The corresponding widget shows:

Mass production

If your product has been debugged, you can click "Confirm Development Complete" on the page to enter the trial production stage. The firmware, dp points, panels, and modules of the trial production stage cannot be modified. If you need to modify, you can click "Return to Development Status" to modify. Click "Purchase Trial Production Module" on the page, the page will jump to the purchasing center, enter your corresponding receiving information and production delivery requirements, and then click Submit Order. Before mass production, please click "apply" on the page to submit the application for product testing assistance, and mail samples to Tuya according to the page address. Tuya will have a professional test team to check it for you and output a professional test report for you. After the test is passed, click "Test Pass to Start Mass Production" on the page. After the product is released, you can also click the purchase mass production module to mass-produce your product.

Development-free experience

As mentioned earlier, Tuya ’s SoC solution is the accumulation of intelligent successful experiences of tens of thousands of customers. The development-free solution is currently only aimed at electrical lighting products. The following is a summary of the functions of the development-free solution:

You can use the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App to scan the code to experience some product solution features: Please scan the code to experience the power statistics socket

Please scan the code to experience multi-channel power strip

Scan the code to experience the five-way bulb