How to OEM Products

Last Updated on2020-02-21 05:32:57


Before change: If you are a manufacturer and need to produce OEM products for a brand, you need to cooperate with Tuya personnel to complete product operations. You can then view products for which modules can be purchased under your account and produce finished products.

After change: The brand and manufacturer develop OEM smart products with Tuya's online assistance.

Prerequisites for OEM

Send links to brands for OEM production only when the products under your account are in mass production state and do not use custom firmware.


  1. Factory:

On the Product page, click All products. On the displayed Smart Products page, select OEM product only.

  1. Factory:

Click OEM in the operation column of a product and click Preview to enter the OEM product introduction page. Check whether the information is complete. If the information is complete and correct, copy and send the address in the address bar to your brand customer.

A new OEM product list page is provided for brand customers to view products that the factory can OEM; it is convenient for the factory to spread its own product list online. Link entry - in the bullet box for each OEM product.

  1. Brand Customer:

After your brand customer opens the link and logs in to his or her Tuya Smart platform account, the customer can view the product image, name, model, type, voice platforms connected, control panel in use, available features, modules in use, and the firmware name and version.

  1. Brand Customer: After confirming that the information is correct, the customer must click Start, enter the product name and model in the displayed dialog box, and click OK. The platform will automatically create a product, in mass production state by default, under your brand customer's account and enable the third-party smart speaker access service

Products under your brand customer's account will be labeled with "OEM."

  1. Brand Customer:

Click the product from the product list, add Product Overview page to display the overview information of the product. (If it is a newly created product, you will still enter the first step of the function definition page of the five-step development page by default)

It provides a quick entry for common cloud configurations on the left side, as well as an entry for viewing smart speaker voice solutions and PBT marking applications.

It also displays basic product information, including function points, panels used, and hardware information.

  1. Factory:

Add a list of Customer OEM Products. When the products under the name of the factory or trader are created by other brand customers through OEM, a new product will be added to the OEM product label page. The new product supports direct purchase orders for brand customers.

Click to view the branded customer OEM products, the left menu shows the multi-language, distribution menu entry, and the entrance to the smart speaker voice solution.

And show the basic information of the product, which customer created from which product OEM.