Powered by Tuya Logo Application Guidance

Last Updated on2020-01-08 09:26:04

I. PBT Definition

Powered by Tuya is an interconnected and intelligent logo. Products with this logo can be easily controlled with one App with other products of different brands and categories.

II. Application Requirements

The PBT logo applies to all trial or mass-produced products(production) that use Tuya technologies and can connect to Tuya Cloud.

III. Application Procedure

1. Make preparations.

Apply for a Tuya Smart platform account. Ensure that the product for which the PBT logo is applied is under your account, or that the administrator account to which the product belongs authorizes the product’s developer permission to your account.

If you have any questions about Tuya Smart platform registration or permission authorization, contact the platform customer service personnel or your Tuya business manager.

2. Apply to use the PBT logo.

Method 1: Log in to the Tuya Smart platform, find the product that needs the PBT logo, and click PBT Label, as shown in the following figure.

Note: If your account is authorized to apply for the PBT logo, click the account icon in the upper right corner of any page to switch to the authorizer’s account space to view the authorized product and PBT Label, as shown in the following figure.

3. Complete the PBT logo application.

Fill in application information on the PBT logo application page, then carefully read and agree to the Definition and Guidelines for 'Powered by Tuya', and click Submit.

4. After the application is approved, download the material package.

After submitting the application, wait for Tuya’s review and approval, which typically takes about one working hour. Upon approval, Tuya will send you an SMS message and email notification. Open the Product page, click the PBT Label icon to enter the details page and download the PBT material package, including the logo source file, agreement, and usage guide.


Q: What are the benefits of applying for the PBT logo?

A: The benefits are as follows:

  1. You can display the PBT logo in specified areas on the product surface, instructions, and outer packages.

  2. You can apply to launch your products that have the PBT logo on TuyaGo and apply for Tuya’s recommendation to Tuya’s global channels and sales support.

  3. Tuya’s global activity exhibit warehouse prefers the products that have the PBT logo, and products in the warehouse will be shown on Tuya’s various annual global marketing activities and exhibitions.

Q: Do I need to pay to use the PBT logo?

A: Currently, the PBT logo is free. If the policy changes, Tuya’s official notice shall prevail.

Q: How do I apply for the PBT logo for my products when my company is located outside China but products are produced in China?

A: Log in to the Tuya Smart platform and apply for the PBT logo yourself, or authorize your production factory to apply for the PBT logo for your products. During application, specify your company name, brand, and trademark. Decide which method to use based on the account and PID information. If you have any questions, contact the platform customer service personnel or your Tuya business manager.

Q: Can I use the logo for other products (other PIDs) without application after I have applied to use the PBT logo for a product?

A: No. You may only use the PBT logo in compliance with the Definition and Guidelines for 'Powered by Tuya' and the usage guide. To use the PBT logo for multiple PIDs, submit applications separately. Otherwise, the platform cannot record the application information correctly and you cannot query your products’ PBT logo use information, which will have adverse impact on your products and Tuya’s official branding