Tuya IoT Platform 2.0

Last Updated on2020-05-21 07:54:12


In order to optimize the processes such as gateway development, we have just released the new version of the development process!

Let's see the highlights of the upgrade following.

New Features of Tuya IoT Platform 2.0

Process Optimization to Insure the Result

During your development process, you can view the various operations that need to be completed and take a quick view of the development progress. image.png

Please refer to Device Intelligentize in 5 Minutes to learn more.

Gateway Development and Communication Customization

We optimized the process of the gateway device. When you choose to create a gateway device, you can choose the uplink networking mode and the downlink sub-device communication protocol. image.png

For details about the Gateway Development process, see Gateway Development Guide

Support SDK Development to Make Connection More Flexible

SDK development can be supported. In the Hardware Develop stage, one solution supports both SDK and MCU connection to simplify the operation process. image.png

For details about the SDK development process, see Embedded SDK Interworking Guide

More Evaluate Kit

In the Hardware Develop stage, Tuya IoT platform Tuya is now providing you with your personal development kit to fulfill all of your requests, helping you to deal with various problems efficiently in development and commission. image.png

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