Introduction of Tuya

Last Updated on2020-01-08 09:26:58

Tuya Smart is a highly cost-effective professional hardware smart solution provider. Tuya Smart focuses on providing smart cloud service and IoT software and hardware solutions, to help traditional hardware manufacturers upgrade their products and make hardware smart. Manufacturers just need to focus on hardware. Manufacturers will obtain the maximum value growth in making hardware smart while paying the minimum cost.

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Up to the end of October, 2019, Tuya Smart has served more than 180,000 platform customers worldwide, including over 50% in Europe and America. Tuya Smart is creating a completely neutral “AI+IoT” product enabling mode. Powered by Tuya is capable of over 90,000 products, with 500 types of products, the world’s number one, and products and services covering more than 220 countries and regions.