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OAuth2.0Computer nounOAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard that allows a user to allow a third-party application to access or control the user ’s device and scene data on the TUYA cloud without providing the user name and password to the third-party application. Application scenarios for the C-end are such as : TUYA smart APP users authorize the device under their account to the third cloud voice platform, such as: Alexa, Google Home control; B-oriented application scenarios such as: developers can be exempted based on the cloud application key issued by TUYA Obtain / control the resource data under the name of the developer by inputting the account password, such as: users, devices, products, APP, etc.
Simple modeComputer nounOne of the authorization modes in the OAUTH2.0 protocol specification, also known as the client credentials grant (Client Credentials Grant), the client performs interface access based on the TUYA interface specification, and the TUYA authentication server can issue an access token after authentication.
Authorization code modeComputer nounOne of the authorization modes in the OAuth2.0 protocol specification, also known as the authorization code authorization mode (Authorization Code Grant), the client uses the authorization code to exchange access tokens to obtain user data access permissions.
access_tokenComputer nounThe access token, also known as the authentication credential, needs to be provided when calling the TUYA cloud openAPI. The relevant business operations can only be completed after the TUYA authentication server is authenticated.
refresh_tokenComputer nounRefresh token. When the access token is invalid, it can be replaced by the token to obtain a new access token. The token lifetime is valid once.
APIComputer nounAPI(Application Programming Interface)It is some pre-defined function, or a contract that refers to the connection between different components of the software system; it is used to provide a set of routines that applications and developers can access based on certain software or hardware without accessing the original code or understanding the internal work The details of the mechanism.
RESTfulComputer nounRESTful is a design style and development method of network applications. Based on HTTP, it can be defined in XML format or JSON format. RESTful is applicable to the scenario where mobile Internet vendors use it as a service enabling interface, and implements the function of third-party OTT calling mobile network resources. The action types are adding, changing, and deleting called resources; TUYA Cloud provides external developers with RESTful style APIs Interface service.
client_id/accessId & secret/accessKeyBusiness nounAlso known as the cloud application key pair, the cloud application is created by the background by default after it is created in the cloud development section of the TUYA IoT platform, and is used for authorization authentication and interface authentication.
standardizationBusiness nounIn the process of product docking, TUYA Cloud combines repetitive control protocols and concepts, combining categories, unified object models, and formulating unified control protocols, to help developers connect products in the TUYA platform once to meet more similar products. Control of model products. Reduce the complicated workload caused by repeated docking, thereby improving the docking efficiency.
Function SetBusiness nounOne or more control instruction sets for issuing control devices are distinguished by product category dimension. The instruction set under the same category can include the instruction sets under different PIDs under the category, that is, the instruction set under the PID dimension is the category dimension A subset of the instruction set.
State setBusiness nounThe set used to describe the functional status reported by the device. It is the same as the instruction set. It is distinguished by the product category dimension. The status set under the same category can include the status set under different PIDs of the category. Set of subsets. Note: There is no strict one-to-one correspondence between the instruction set and the state set. Developers can use the instruction set or state set as needed based on the delivery and reporting scenarios.
schemaBusiness nounAPP unique label identification, used to isolate user data on the TUYA cloud platform, and used in scenarios such as cloud-cloud docking synchronization users and query users.
Message queueComputer noun"Message queue" refers to a container that holds messages during transmission.
PulsarComputer nounPulsar is a multi-tenant, high-performance server-to-server messaging solution that was originally developed by Yahoo and is now managed by the Apache Software Foundation. Tuya based on the open source Pulsar system has been customized and improved. Through Pulsar, it actively pushes various event data to external partners. According to Tuya, the Pulsar SDK can complete message access to meet the partners' real-time and message persistence requirements.
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