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Last Updated on2020-01-08 09:19:36

Login panel custom collaboration platform

Go to Panel’s Panel Customization Collaboration Platform, enter the account password to complete the login.

Tuya Smart Global Smart Platform

Prepare to create a new project

Click "My Project-Mobile Project" on the left side of the page, and click "Create New Project".

Create new project

PID bind developer account

Contact Tuya related product managers to perform the binding operation, provide the product PID and developer account (Tuya developer platform login account) to be bound, wait for the product manager to complete the binding operation, and then continue to edit the relevant information of the "create project" popup .

Note: The written pid must be bound to the developer account, otherwise creation will not be allowed.

Binding process:

1. Search for the product ID in Tuya Management Background to enter the product detail page.

2. Bind the developer account in the firmware KEY column.

Create Project

Finish creating project and ready to develop new version

  1. Fill in the relevant information of the "Create Project" popup, select "Panel" for the project type, and click "OK" to complete the creation.
  2. Click to enter the newly created project, and then click the "Develop New Version" or "Continue Development" button on the project page to enter the project details page.

Panel project packaging

  1. Globally install the official command line tool (CLI) provided by Tuya. If you have already installed it, you can skip this step.

`shell npm install tuya-panel-kit-cli -g `

Installation command

  1. Use tuya-panel-kit-cli, the command line tool of Tuya Panel, to package. Note: The terminal tool must point to the project path. For example, my project is stored in E: \ tuya \ RN5. You need to run the packaging command line in this path.

`shell tuya-panel-kit-cli package {directory} `

Package command

Upload UI package

On the project details page, click the "Upload Android UI Package" and "Upload IOS UI Package" buttons to upload the UI file that has just been packaged.

Upload UI package

After uploading, you can scan the corresponding QR code with the developer account to verify whether the online panel is successfully published.