Mass Production Testing

Last Updated on2020-02-17 07:40:10

Functional Testing (Basic)

Basic device function tests:

  1. Network configuration indicator status
  2. Device net pairing in EZ and AP modes (for Android and iOS Apps)
  3. Functions of devices on an external 4G network
  4. Functions of devices connected to WLAN
  5. Firmware upgrade (module upgrade and MCU upgrade)
  6. Switching between EZ and AP modes
  7. Mass production procedure
  8. Network configuration indicator status after device power-on

App function tests:

  1. Product control panel display (mainstream models)
  2. Product control panel display languages (if multiple languages are supported)
  3. Fault alarm rules (if fault alarm reporting is supported)
  4. Device data reporting
  5. Timing (if timing is supported)
  6. Basic App functions (if App customization is required)
  7. Grouping (if grouping is supported)

Exception tests:

  1. Device control during low network connectivity
  2. Device power cycling
  3. Network disconnection and reconnection after net pairing

Interconnection with Third-Party Platforms

  1. Echo functions (if Echo is configured)
  2. Google Home functions (if Google Home is configured)
  3. IFTTT functions (if IFTTT is configured)
  4. Tmall Genie functions (if Tmall Genie is configured)


  1. Text on the packaging (especially the QR code for downloading the App and the net pairing steps)
  2. User manual (especially the QR code for downloading the App and the net pairing steps)

Product Quality Improvement (Optional)

  1. Compatibility (mainstream models, mainly for customers who need App customization)
  2. Repeated device power cycling
  3. Repeated network disconnection and reconnection

Performance Testing

  1. Sending and receiving messages on the cloud: 100,000 messages at intervals of 0.2s to 0.5s
  2. Sending and receiving messages on the LAN: 100,000 messages at intervals of 0.2s to 0.5s
  3. Sending and receiving messages during low network connectivity: 100,000 messages at 1s intervals

Stability Testing

  1. DP delivery: The server delivers 200,000 network connection stability test requests at intervals of 5s to 20s.
  2. Reporting of DP status: The number of times data is reported within a specified time range, the report success rate, and the response time are calculated.
  3. MQTT connections: The number of MQTT connection and disconnection requests within a specified time range is calculated.

Contact Tuya service personnel for detailed functional test cases, which will be officially released later.