Materials and Tools for Hardware Development

Materials and Tools for Hardware Development

Materials for Hardware Development

Development guidance for hardware access

TYWE1S WIFI module datasheet

ESP-12F Wifi module datasheet

Operation Instructions to MCU SDK

Instructions to DP Point Debugging

Standard Version of Serial Communication Protocols

Tools for Hardware Development

Tuya Serial Port Debugging Helper:Debug communication function of MCU

MCU Simulation and Debugging Helper of Tuya Cloud:Debug communication function of Wifi module


ST FLASH DOWNLOAD:STM32 MCU downloading tool

CP2012 driver:USB serial port chip driver

DEMO of hardware MCU development

TYDE3.0 Developer Edition DEMO-colorful lights

TYDE3.0 Developer Edition DEMO-Air Purifier-51 Single Chip Microcomputer

TYDE3.0 Developer Edition DEMO-Air Purifier-stm32

It helps the developers to master device access quickly.

Guidelines for Communication Protocols Access of Tuya

Access Guidelines of Tuya MCU_SDK

Guidelines for Use of Tuya Serial Port Debugging Helper

400 Call