MCU SDK Transplant

MCU Debugging Process

MCU SDK Transplant

Refer to MCU SDK Instructions,to complete the following basic functions:

  • Modify product information
  • Realize the resetting by module and the display of work state
  • Realize the functions for data receiving and handling
  • Realize the reporting of all data
  • Realize the reporting of single data
  • Realize the product test protocol


For resetting by module and work state, refer to: WiFi Resetting and Indicator

The use of MCU resource by MCU-SDK is as follows:

  • CODE:about 4K
  • RAM: at least 200 bytes (the minimum configuration, which may be increased according to the defined function of product)

If protocol matching is needed, the protocols could be downloaded from the platform to realize the basic protocol and the function protocol.

WIFI Simulator Debugging

``MCU only needs to connect TX, RX, and GND to the serial ports, and no welding of module is needed. `

Download the Tuya Serial Port Debugging Helper and refer to User’s Guide to conduct the MCU debugging.

Networked Debugging of Network Configuration of APP

Weld the WIFI module to the control panel and begin to conduct the testing of network configuration

400 Call