User Registration

Feature Description

Register users in App corresponding to schema

Interface Address

POST /v1.0/apps/{schema}/user

Header Parameter

Parameter name Type Parameter position Description Required
client_id String header client_id Yes
access_token String header Access token for obtaining token-related interface Yes
sign String header Signature calculated by the “after get token” signature algorithm Yes
sign_method String header Digestion algorithm of signature, HMAC-SHA256 Yes
t Long header 13-digit standard time stamp Yes
Content-Type String header Content Type,default “application/json” Yes

Request Parameters

Parameter name Type Parameter position Description Required
schema String URI Unique application identifier, corresponding to the "identification name" in the application manager of Tuya developer platform Yes
country_code String body Country code Yes
username String body User name Yes
password String body User password, md5 encryption for businesses Yes
nick_name String body Nickname No
username_type String body username type,1:mobile,2:email,3:username, default username No

Request Example

POST /v1.0/apps/{schema}/user



Return Messages

Parameter name Type Description
code Integer Response code(see error code section for details)
success Boolean Success or failed: (true: success, false: failed)
msg String Request failed message. Empty when successful
result Object Business results

400 Call