Device Command Issuance

Feature Description

Issue command to device based on device ID

Interface Address

POST /v1.0/devices/{device_id}/commands

Header Parameter

Parameter name Type Parameter position Description Required
client_id String header client_id Yes
access_token String header Access token for obtaining token-related interface Yes
sign String header Signature calculated by the “after get token” interface signature algorithm Yes
sign_method String header Digestion algorithm of signature, HMAC-SHA256 Yes
t Long header 13-digit standard time stamp Yes
Content-Type String header Content Type,default “application/json” Yes

Request Parameters

Parameter name Type Parameter position Description Whether it is necessary
device_id String URI DeviceID Yes
commands Object body Command set Yes

Commands Description

Parameter name Type Description Whether it is necessary
code String Commandcode Yes
value String Command value Yes

Request Example

POST /v1.0/devices/012006892c3ae84145fe/commands

"commands": [
"code": "switch_led",
"value": true
"code": "bright",
"value": 30


Response Parameters

Parameter name Type Description
code Integer Response code(see error code section for details)
success Boolean Success or failed: (true: success, false: failed)
msg String Request failed message. Empty when successful

Response example


"success": true


400 Call