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Hardware and Embedded Program Development


Communication Protocol

The system has automatically generated serial communication protocol according to product features, it can be downloaded reference.


In order to allow embedded engineers faster and more stable to complete the MCU program, Tuya Smart has analyzed 《Tuya Smart serial communication protocol》, and automatically generate code actually available for control panel according to product features. You can download it by clicking the Download SDK.

This MCU_SDK is an auto-generated MCU code based on the product features defined on the Tuya Smart development platform. On this basis to modify, add, you can quickly complete the MCU program.


Development Process:
  1. Configure according to the actual situation (reset the wifi button and wifi status indicator processing, whether to support the MCU upgrade, etc.) , please modify this in configuration protocol.h;
  2. To migrate this MCU_SDK, check the migration steps in the protocol.c file, and complete the migration properly. After migration, please complete the data processing, data reporting part of the code, you can complete all the wifi function.
Documentations Overview:

MCU_SDK includes 7 documentations:

  1. Protocol.h and protocol.c need you to modify. Protocol.h and protocol.c documents have detailed instructions on changes, please read carefully.
  2. The wifi.h file is the total .h file. If you need to call wifi internal functions, please # include “wifi.h”.
  3. System.c and system.h are wifi function code, the user does not need to modify.
  4. All users functions could called within mcu_api.c and mcu_api.h, without need to modificate.

See the MCU SDK Development Flow for details MCU SDK Instructions

Serial debugging assistant

MCU SDK for the rapid development of control panel MCU program, and Tuya Smart tools provided serial debugging assistant, for the rapid development of successful verification procedures and stability.

Function point debugging file, download function point json file, used to import the serial port debugging assistant, verify the data transmission of all functions.

Specific serial debugging assistant to use the process, please seeTuya Serial Debugging Assistant

Whole Machine Test

Using MCU SDK to complete the control panel program development, using serial debugging assistant to verify the program. If not problem is found, MCU program development is complete. The next setp is whole machine test.

Machine Debugging Process
  1. Connect the module to the control panel;
  2. The device is in the network configuration status;
  3. Use Tuya Smart App to add device and connect network and control device.;
  4. Operation of the functional instructions for functional testing;
  5. Prototype is completed

Product is Published On-line

Product development is completed, enter the trial production / mass production links. Afrer confirming the product features, you can apply for product publish on the line. After the successful publish of the product, the product features will not be modified to prevent the impact of online users.

After submitting the online application, please send a complete prototype to the designated address, the Tuya Smart test team will test the prototype for your product quality, to provide test reports.

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