Network Configuration Guide

Network Configuration Guide

I. Overview

The information about network configuration of a product helps users better understand and use the product. After R&D of your product is completed, you need to configure, confirm, and download a network configuration guide for the product based on its functions. The custom network configuration guide settings are available only to OEM app owners. If you use the Tuya Smart app or if you do not select the custom category for your OEM app, the Tuya general guide will apply to your products and you do not need to configure a custom network configuration guide. After you complete the settings, be sure to duplicate the confirmed network configuration information to the product user manual.

II. Procedure

Step 1: Log in to the Tuya Smart platform, click Product, and select a product to configure. On the displayed page, click Advanced Features 4.

Step 2: Click Settings next to Network Connections Guides.

Step 3: Enter network configuration information as prompted, and click Save.

Step 4: To configure a custom network configuration guide in a language other than Chinese or English, click More languages.

Step 5: Create a custom category for your OEM app.

The custom network configuration information you specify on the Tuya Smart platform will be displayed in your OEM app, as shown in the following figure.

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