Introduction to Product Scheme

Introduction to Product Scheme

I. Functions

Product Scheme is added next to Create on the Tuya Smart platform’s Product page. Product Scheme has the following tab pages (solution types):

  1. Plug and Play: displays functions, panels, module firmware, and specifications of mature development solutions. You can use these solutions to create products.

  2. Schematic: provides you PCBA schematic resources to download. The resources contain modules, power drives, bill of materials (BOM), and product specifications. You can refer to the schematics to quickly determine a product hardware solution.

II. Advantages

1. Quick Development

Plug-and-play solutions provided on the Product Scheme page have defined functions, panels, hardware interworking modes, I/O interfaces, and application logic. If you are unfamiliar with the Tuya Smart platform or want to develop smart products, you can use these mature solutions directly.

2. Low Cost

You can refer to the schematic diagrams to quickly determine the hardware solution, saving the design cost.

III. Platform Operations

1. Plug and Play

The following describes how to use a plug-and-play solution to develop an IPC product quickly.

Step 1: Select a solution.

On the Plug and Play tab page, click Smart Camera. All existing plug-and-play solutions for smart cameras are displayed. Click the product to create. On the displayed solution details page, view the solution details, including complete function settings, the app control panel, and recommended value-added services.

Note: You cannot modify DPs in a plug-and-play solution. Check whether DP settings in the solution can meet your requirements.

If you require more DPs, return to the Product page and click Create. On the displayed Create new product page, choose Security & Sensor and click Smart Camera under Custom. After creating the IPC product, complete settings of Function Definition, App UI Design, Hardware Debug, and Advanced Features in sequence to customize it.

If DPs in the plug-and-play solution can meet your requirements, use your Tuya Smart or Smart Life app to scan the QR code displayed on the solution details page to preview the app UI for controlling the IPC product. You can also use the OEM App service available on the Tuya Smart platform to design your own app.

Step 2: Create a solution.

Click Quick Realization. In the displayed window, enter the product name and model, and click Start creating program.

Purchase PCBA modules on the platform.

When you purchase PCBA modules, the Tuya Smart platform provides the same number of device licenses. Smart devices need device licenses to connect to Tuya Cloud to obtain cloud services. Each device has a unique license. For security purposes and device uniqueness, you need to purchase a license for each device.

After you submit your order, Tuya personnel will contact you and assist you in developing and testing the IPC product offline.

On the Advanced Features page, you can configure functions for your app. For details about the functions, watch relevant videos.

After product development and app configuration are completed, the product will enter the trial or mass production phase. You can launch the product on the market.

2. Schematic

On the Schematic tab page, select the product to develop. On the displayed solution details page, check the solution functions, applicable scenarios, and reference circuit diagram. If the DPs meet your requirements, click Download schematic resources to download detailed product solution materials, including the BOM, to develop the hardware offline.

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